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Current Economics Topics for Teachers and Students:

  • Solving Mysteries Using the Economic Way of Thinking

  • How Did Covid-19 Change the Economy?

  • Why Are Some Nations Rich and Others Are Poor?

  • Be Nice to the Price

  • Is Free Trade Out of Date?

  • Why Is Good Politics Bad Economics?

  • Economic Statistics Every Teacher Should Know

  • Investing in Human Capital

Economic History Topics for Teachers and Students:

  • How Economic Reasoning Improves the Teaching and Learning of American History 

  • Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous and Free? 

  • Why Did the American Colonies – Settlements without Gold, Silver or Spices – Become Economically Successful? 

  • How did the Constitution Help Establish the Conditions for a Market Economy? 

  • Was the Free Land Offered by the Homestead Act a Good Deal for Farmers? 

  • The Rise Big Business: Were the Robber Barons Robbers? Barons?  

  • How Did Bank Panics Lead to the Federal Reserve System?

  • Why Did a Mild Recession in 1929 Become the Great Depression?

  • Did Free Trade after World War II Kill American Jobs?

Personal Finance Topics for Teachers and Students:

  • Can Teachers Be Financially Fit? 

  • Rules for Building Wealth for the Long Term 

  • How to Spend Less Than You Receive 

  • Connecting to Financial Institutions 

  • Managing Your Credit and Debt

Elementary and Middle School Topics Teachers and Students:

  • The Economic Thinking of Children and Adolescents 

  • Economics is Kid's Stuff 

  • Economic Concepts for Kids 

  • Integrating Economics Throughout Grades K-8 

  • Research on Teaching Children Economics and Personal Finance

And many more! Inquire with Mark about additional topics not listed here.

"Great interaction! Dr. Schug really makes all of this interesting - wish I could take him home!"

"Very, very, very informative!"

"Dr. Schug helped me to look at a lot of things a lot differently than I have in the past - great presentation!"


and intelligent professor."

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