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Curriculum Development


Mark offers expertise in developing, implementing, and assessing economic and financial education curriculum. He has co-authored and/or directed over 20 national curriculum projects published by the Council on Economic Education including Capstone: Exemplary Lesson for High School Economics, Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation, and Focus: Understanding Economics in U.S. History.

Mark edited 35 issues of The Senior Economist for the National Council on Economic Education from 1986-1996. The Senior Economist featured articles by such prominent economists as William Baumol, Gary S. Becker, Alan Blinder, Milton Friedman, Douglass C. North, Alice M. Rivlin, and Jeffrey Sachs.


Most recently, Mark has written three new lesson plans for the Liberty Fund’s Adam Smith Works:

  • Is It Smith? Facts and Myths about the Life of Adam Smith

  • An Evening with the Wise Guys: Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin and David Hume

  • Ghost Story: Newly Elected President Elizabeth Montgomery Faces an Economic Crisis

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